Build 8 is taking a while, isn't it?

So, must be a pretty work intensive build for Build 8 to be in its 4th week of development since the release of 7. Can’t wait for the build to be released.

i have no idea about armory release cycles going back with release dates it was like:

  • build 5: dec 16th
  • build 6: jan 13th
  • build 7: jan 31th

pretty speedy until now :slight_smile:

Ya, it’s supposed to be every other week the last I heard. I understand delays and, from what I’m seeing, everyone here seems to understand them too. I just think the information output needs to increase by about 10% or so. Getting a confirmation that the build is going to miss deadline would be nice. Still, nothing to be concerned about if it stays within a 30 day window. Beyond that, SOME information should come out as to what’s up. Regardless, I have full faith that things are going relatively well. Just a programmer’s miscalculation of what’s doable in a certain time frame that’s all. It’s like saying that water is wet. You just know it’s going to happen.

The last post on twitter by Lubos, mentions that the next release is getting closer.

That’s new (and I think we both know why). Can’t wait for the release.

It is indeed taking longer than usual. 2 weeks should be the norm but for some features it is not enough. Will keep this more transparent.

Build 8 is a solid step forward. Wrapping up takes a bit of time - there were updates to lots of underlaying parts, have to make sure it works across all 3 operating systems. Plan is to release next week.

I try to keep the news always fresh and code activity is also easy to monitor thanks to GitHub:

I hope these places offer a (mostly) easy way to see what’s in the works. There is an extreme focus to keep internals well laid out for the future - this is often time consuming but should prove worth it in the end. :slight_smile:

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Just pinging the subject. This is a perfect response.

almost 5 weeks since the realese of build 7

Last step to get ready - building Armory player with Blender 2.78c and latest Krom. Will be out tonight or tomorrow morning. :sunny:


Awesome, can’t wait to test ou the new features !

Great, was starting to get just a tad worried. Knew you could pull through.