Built in features?

I’m sure this has been asked already but I’m lazy and I’m gonna ask anyway. Is this engine going to be just like blender’s old engine, are you going to have to do everything from scratch? Or is it possible to with the click of a button or a node add a camera that tracks the player and detects the collisions of objects. A quick way to create UIs maybe, some quick way to create a load/save system. Letter by letter text in speech bubbles or something similar to that?

In other words are you going to be able to just by using nodes create an entire game or are you inevitably going to have to mess around with code?

Saving and loading the game was a very difficult thing to do indeed :confused: When I made Blender Asteroids I wanted to include a saving option but that was almost impossible to achieve just by logic bricks.

I guess it depends on how complex a game will be :slight_smile:
Something like blender asteroids can be done just with nodes for sure.

Good questions. I’m also interested in finding an answer to this ones.

I would also love to see more video tutorials to understand better the capabilities of this wonderful engine.

For example a “Making of” the Space Corridor Scene or something similar.

Maybe @lubos can record some live sessions on using the engine and post on youtube. I think will take much less time and will be faster than writing tutorials.

totally agree Dacicusan