Call function logic node

I`m getting crazy. Depending on witch blend file I open I get diferent nodes with same name.


starting from examples I get the first one and it runs.

Starting with a blank file (the one with the cube of blender) I get the second one. But even if I import a node tree from other file including the first one, it doesn’t run.

Does anybody understand this.


You may check your the SDK version and path in the add-on options. Why not click on restore SDK.
Good luck.


There is probably a Library folder next to your .blend when you get the second, where you seem to have put this old custom node of mine. It doesn’t work anymore, and it actually should not override the new one so you actually should have access to both. Remove the the python file with that name in the Library folder and you should only get the first one. I think.

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Yes!!! there was a “logic_pack-master” folder in libraries…

Solved. And thanks