Camera not working in externally linked scene

Hi, I’m brand new to Armory and I’m experimenting right now by making a game.
I like the idea of splitting the project into multiple blender files, and I’ve successfully linked the player scene which is in a separate blender file. However, the camera, which is in the player blender file, does not seem to work when the player blender file is linked to the main scene. Is there a way to use a camera as part of a linked scene, and if so, how is it done?

Hi @Merlotec, maybe try something like this node setup and change the name to the name of your camera:


Be sure to add the node tree to the scene after creating it.


I don’t know exactly how fleshed out some of Armory’s multi-blend setup is, so there might be some quirks like that.

Hi, do you know how to set up multiple blend files in armory, cause have no clue how to link them together… Having different scenes if too messy and confusing.