Can Armory be used for making Movies?

Armory has gone so much far than the EEVEE viewport to make cycles rendering in real time. I know that Armory has been made for Game Development, like Unity. But now Unity is supportable exporting movies by rendering in real time. My question is, is it possible in Armory to export the movies by rendering in real time?

Rendering movies via Armory is possible. Just go to the “Armory Render” panel.

You might also want to bump up your render quality settings if you’re rendering a movie.

(I currently only have an old Armory version available, so things might look slightly different)

Thanx a lot!! That’s really awsome!! :smiley::heart_eyes:

Looks like “Armory Render” is no longer available, at least as of v. 2019.12.0

Hope it comes back—or still there and I’m just not seeing it. Was looking forward to trying it.