Can armory make multiplayer game? Perhaps any tool?

Hi, I want to know if armory can make multiplayer games

So far as I am aware, Armory3D does not [yet?] contemplate anything “multiplayer,” but since Armory exists in the greater Haxe ecosystem – which has a very large library of contributed modules, many of which have nothing to do with 3D graphics – you might be able to go in that direction. But you’d be pioneering everything on your own.

Hi, I’m Jose, I don’t know how to program Haxe if I didn’t do it myself

Hi, I want to ask you how can I learn to program Haxe, is there any place on the internet, I would buy the course on udemy

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It doesn’t work because of an error, but there may be some helpful parts.(

Network related functions can be found here.(