Can I use armory as a render engine?

I can’t find the render image/animation button that is shown in the build 10 is out topic.
Is this button get removed, or I just can’t find it?

Are you trying to do non-game animation (i.e. movies, images), or are you trying the typical use case? The latter just requires pressing F5 after saving. The former, however, can probably be done many ways, although I don’t think they’re officially supported yet, and I have not done much research in that dimension.

It’s been temporarily removed (from 0.4) as far as I know, I think the plan was to re-introduce the function as a native capture function, once 2.8 was more in place and mature - although I don’t know the timeline of this. In the meantime, I usually use external software to capture the rendering, the downside is of course if the framerate is low, which ruins it a bit.

I want to use it for non-game animation, because cycles is way too slow for me, and if I turn on voxel gi in armory it does a pretty good job. It would be good if armory could make it.
Do you know an alternative for this use?