Can i use modifiers dynamically in run time?

I created array modifier with object offset. I need to change the count of array modifier and rotation angle in run time of my game. Is it possible?


Can I add a modifier in run time?
I think it is an essential feature.

Modifiers are implemented solely in Blender and they are applied before the game is exported, so that wouldn’t work. If we wanted to be able to update modifiers at run-time, we would have to re-implement all of the modifiers ourselves for Armory. It may or may not be feasible.

ok. Thank you …

Shall I deform mesh in run time?

You could probably just have one mesh object in Blender, and then create instances of it in your code with different positions and rotations using spawnObject().

Yes, you can deform by modifying data in the “geometry” of your object, thus modifying things like positions, normals, uv, cols, tangents, bones, weights.


Could you please explain?

Can I do this with Logic Nodes?

@nidhin84 you can do it with making your own program in haxe.

If you want to modify the mesh dynamically you can modify the mesh data of the object. I don’t have any experience trying to do that, but you can check out the API.