Can't seem to build it plus the play button shows a blank screen

I pressed the play button, I have a camera set up but not too sure why am I getting a blank screen, the build button doesn’t appear to work and it is greyed out. Any ways to render the screen?

The build button is only used when exporting projects.

The play button should work. You say it runs the game and shows a black screen? Have you been able to run any other scenes?

This is the first time I am pressing hte play button and I see nothing. I have the sun configured and it should show something?

It should open a window with the game running in it.

If you are on windows you should be able to show the console, from the window menu to see what is happening.

It does that but it is a blank screen.

How do I access the console?

I think it is in the Window menu:


I’m on Linux so it’s different and I’m not 100% sure how it is on Windows.

   at $hxClasses[kha.graphics4.FragmentShader] (krom.js:31422:3)
   at kha_Shaders.init (krom.js:21926:2)
   at kha_SystemImpl.init (krom.js:22454:2)
   at kha_System.start (krom.js:22187:2)
   at start (krom.js:696:3)
   at armory_system_Starter.main (krom.js:706:2)
   at Main.main (krom.js:88:2)
   at Global code (krom.js:35533:1)

I appear to be getting some typeerror.

That’s weird, I’ve never seen that one before. Could you show the output that came before that, too.

This is weird, when I closed Armory and reopened it, then it now finally works. Not too sure what was going on.

The emissions property for sure does not work but I did submit an issue lets hope they get it to work.

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Sometimes you need to press clean button :)))

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