Can't start Armory while using my standard preferences and addons

Hi guys!
When I start the blender version I downloaded with the with armory 0.1b 64bit there is no “play in viewport” button. Actually there is nothing related to armory at all. So when I go to “user preferences -> addons” and then search for armory I see that the addon is deactivated. If I want to activate it I get the following error:

Btw, I’m on Windows 10. I also regularly work with blender so I have some custom addons installed. Ok so I renamed the “AppData\Roaming\BlenderFoundation\Blender” folder to something else like “BlenderX” just to try if it starts up correctly. And voila it worked! But now all my other blender settings are gone of course, too. I also looked quickly in the code that the error message said, but I’m not very familiar with it and it didn’t help me.

Any ideas what could cause this problem? Would be really nice to have both my normal blender and armory working side by side without having to constantly change the foldernames. Help very appreciated.
Of course I could try to install every single addon one by one to try to find which is causing the problem. But I’ll have to find some time for it. Maybe some of you already had the same problem and you already know the answer.

Thanks in Advance,

Hi @JohannesW,

One option would be to keep your standard Blender and the Armory Blender configurations separate. You can achieve this by putting a local config/userprefs in the Armory Blender folder.


Thanks for the tip guzzard! I’ll try it on monday, but I think it should work. Thanks again!