Cellshade example not working

I downloaded as a zip, unpacked and tried to run it. It’s not running and I’m getting al sorts of errors.
In the read me it says the following: (should I do it that way? And how then? Thanks)

  • Use git clone --recursive https://github.com/armory3d/driver_celshade_example to download

  • Open forest.blend and hit Armory Player - Play

You will need to download additional “driver_celshade”(https://github.com/armory3d/driver_celshade) and copy it to the Libraries / celshade folder.

  1. Unzip the example. Libraries / driver_celshade folder is empty.
  2. Driver_celshade unzipped. Copy the contents.
  3. Paste in the example Libraries / driver_celshade folder.

Awesome! thank you :smiley: