Changing an object's movement pattern without having it start at its original location

So I have an object moving in a circle with the following node setup

But as you can see, I have a ‘disrupt’ property that multiples the cosine part of the circle equation (on a timer, in the node setup below) by a random number and basically just makes it move in a different way (alters the equation so that it’s not a circle anymore I think).

(Also don’t mind that the property is called sineDisrupt when it’s actually disrupting the cosine shhhh)

However, when the function is ‘disrupted’, the object starts its movement from its original location. But what I want to do is have it be disrupted and pivot from the point at which it was disrupted- like someone walking to a point and turning, if that makes any sense.

I figure I need to capture the location of the object at the same time the timer triggers, which I have done like this

But I’m not sure how to use that data in the movement equation to allow the object to change its movement pattern without having to start at its original location. Any suggestions? And I’m not sure how well I conveyed this idea, so please ask for clarification if/where needed!

Can we see the rest of the node trees. The one actually doing the moving would be very helpful.

Those are the only node trees I have employed for this object. The location is being set as a function of time (first node tree pictured).

With the last node tree you are setting the value to a vector but not using vector math in the actual movement. That could be causing an issue

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