Changing scene

When my game moves to the next scene all the nodes on the next scene stop responding. When i start the game on the next scene all the nodes are working when I go to the previous scene again the nodes stop working.

How can I solve this problem?

I tried to switch between scenes and everything is working
In my scene, I have a chair that constantly moves up to the sky and the nodes for it are attached to the scene and when I switch to the next scene the chair moves to the sky as it supposes to
but the node tree that moves the chair is attached to both scenes, otherwise it’s not working

If you could share a blend file so I can see it myself would be awesome

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Menu.blend (1.4 MB)

Hi the blend file is attched as a link. when on the menu if you click how to it goes to a new scene. There are nodes that if you left click you supposed to return to the menu. thts what I wanted to implement.

Pick object node is doing this. things started to work only after I deleted all of them.

I think I might know what’s exactly wrong, but I need some more time.:wink:

MenuMod.blend (1.4 MB)

I have made some changes to the project you gave me. Go take a look.
Note: When you press ‘play’ button, the game begins, when you press ‘Esc’ you go back to the menu.
Keep pressing ‘play’ and ‘Esc’ without clicking with the mouse button while the game is going on. Nothing bad should happen.
When you play the first time, things work well. But when you play second time as soon as you click with mouse button the game freezes.
Then unplug ‘pick object’ node that is in ‘score disappear’ node tree and try clicking with the mouse button every time you start any scene.

Thank you, it now working fine.

does it freeze when you taping on boxes?

not any more you can tap boxes perfectly. I’m now trying to move to scoring like when you tap a box I want to count that as a score.