Character control

Hello everyone i try to create basic control (walk,run,idle,jump) with logic nobes using the tank example but when i use different animation the character stuck. y-bot , animation from mixamo.

Hello! I am working on a dedicated tutorial on this topic. You almost got it all right, here is how to get it to run:

  • Place this logic tree directly on the Armature object:

  • With armature selected, go to Dope Sheet - Action Editor. Select action you want to have available for this armature and click Stash button. In the hierarchy you can then inspect all the available actions:

Let me know if that worked.

Also, if you get the latest templates, the archery one is built with logic nodes as well. I will cover building that from scratch in the mentioned tutorial that I am working on.


It work now but how can i make the character play idle when he is stop and play walk when he move

Need help for how can i make character play idle when i dont press any button ?, how can i make combo button for example press shift and up arrow and make it run ? and @lubos blending animation option is very limited and something like this will be very useful .
Here is update version

Regarding button combinations, this should work:

For if you don’t press anything, the only thing I can come up with is to expand this setup to all buttons that do something on your game:

Not that practical, but it should do it

Thanks for reply but the button combination didnt work check the google drive

Did some testing and it is absolute wierdness. The “Gate”->and node works fine with simple “Boolean” nodes, but not with the “To Bool” node even though “To Bool” works fine with “Is True/False”.

Found away to avoid “To Bool” by using “Keyboard” instead of “On Keyboard”->“To Bool”, which puts out a bool naturaly. You also need to setup 2 extra nodes in the usual walk part since it might conflict with the run part sometimes becuase both are triggered by the “Up” button.