Clipping in Armory Player when Camera is set to Viewport

Where is the setting for clipping when camera for Armory Player is set to [ Viewport ]?

Camera [Scene ]
Setting Clip Start and End for the camera works in the Armory player

Camera [Viewport ]
setting Clip Start and End for the view does not work in the Armory Player. No matter what setting, it is always clipped at about 100Meters

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I’m not sure if it is like this anymore, but I think at one point Armory would use the clipping settings from the camera in the scene, even when the play mode is set to Viewport. Maybe try putting a camera in the scene, setting the clipping range of that camera object to what you want, and then setting the play mode to Viewport and see if that works.

Either way, though, you should open up a GitHub issue for this as it should behave how you are expecting, if there isn’t one opened already.

I tested with the values from the screenshot and set both Clip End values to 1000m or higher, but when I use Camera [Viewport ] the clipping begins at about 100m in play mode.

I will have a look at the GitHub issues.

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