Cloth simulation in armory for creating character's cape?

Hi,I’m wondering if Armory support cloth system with pinned cape for characters like Darth Vadar?

Yes, It should be possible.
Check out the soft body example on GitHub.

Hi, QuantumCoderQC
I tried that before,cloth works independently,cape won’t follow parent object with “parent to” or “child of” under “object constrain”,it will follow character unless I use “hook”,but the relation of position was wrong, what did I miss?

Okay, after some experimenting, I found that “hook” modifier does not help too. The cape still does not follow the object. I think we might need to look for a work-around for now. Please also make a GitHub Feature request if already not existing. I will try to make it work when I find some time.

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Setting a vertex group enabled hooking. But for some reason the position was shifted, so I used object constraint “Copy Location” together.

There is another problem. The cape collapses over time.
I don’t know how to solve it.cloth.blend (2.7 MB)

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Hi, Sandy
I’d tried your file,you did solve the position shifting problem with “Copy location” instead of using “Child of” constrain,and I also found that the mesh of the cape collapse in my computer,too,it dissolves gradually over time,I’ll try your way to my Darth Vadar to see the result.
Thanks again,it should be cool if I have Darth Vadar swinging his cape at last.