Color separation of Logic Nodes

I like the way the nodes look in the Shader Editor, how they are colored:

Why not do the same in the Logic Node Editor?
After searching for information, I found how to change the color of the node’s body:

    use_custom_color = True
    bl_color = (0.22, 0.89, 0.5)

But I couldn’t find how to change the color of the label.
If you do this, the nodes will be clearer and clearer (it seems to me). And to separate nodes by type function (not by category):

  • events - green (as a starting point);
  • Set - in red (as the most “dangerous”);
  • conditions - yellow;
  • Get - blue…

I don’t think it would be simple to do, but…

Maybe is better this way to have a bigger variation of colors:

If the node is oriented to objects, the color is blue
If it is oriented for a boolean, yellow
Integer, dark green

Red just for outputs/inputs only, like Node group output or events.

This probably is the way that Shader editor uses, i don’t have sure. We should keep it like the Shader Editor.

But I couldn’t find how to change the color of the label.

Unfortunately that’s currently impossible via the Python API, but it would be very nice.

Regarding the background color: if nodes really should have a background color we should choose colors that fit well in every theme.

As a result, the task becomes laborious in terms of color matching. Sad :frowning: