Compiling to Android and iOS browsers

First of all I’d love to say I love Armory!

I have tried the instructions in the Armory manual and many online tutorials to compile a simple scene to Android - unsuccessfully.

Can we please get an updated example on the manual page.

Also will projects ever work on web browsers on iOS devices? or is this lack of support on Apples devices?



If you grab the Armory 0.5 build, selecting Mobile preset in Armory Render Path panel should work on both Android/iOS browsers. Unless you are already doing that and it’s still not working? Will update the manual page on targeting mobile browsers.

Thank you very much, I will try this tomorrow and I’ll be watching for the update.

Working on iOS with beta.0.5, thanks! Looking forward to deploying on Android Native :wink:


So I can get some pretty simple demos working on mobile browsers but if I try to use materials with alpha channels it freezes.


Can you share your project that freezes? Will take a look and fix that.:hammer:

Here’s the project, it almost works on Android now, it may be the sound.

If you press GAME A (has sound attached) it crashes, but GAME B (has no sound attached) works, TIME crashes (has sound attached)

They work fine on desktop browsers (Chrome and Firefox) you can check the compiled build for HTML.

Thanks for checking, I’ll mess with removing sound and see what happens, etc.

OK, after removing the sound it works on android (browser) but still doesn’t load on iOS (browser)

I think it has something to do with the alpha transparency on iOS

I figured out if I turn on translucency in the renderer it doesn’t work on iOS browser. Still works on android browser with translucency on but sound kills it.


here is a version working on iOS and Android without transparancy:

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