Debug nodes needed

Armory needs the ability to show some message error when the game does not respond, using nodes for the coding.

I got many times the games not responding, without any output we are stuck without any solution.

Did you check Console. it don’t pop up when there is an error but you can try opening in Window-Toggle Console. It show error there, not sure for nodes but it show error when game freezes and get successfully compiled.

I got those errors on console

  • Uiform voxelBlend not found
  • Uncaught Exception : classbook
    an many empty ones
  • Uncaught Exception :

I already submitted it to GitHub.

Could u share you node setup

The node setup was exactly the same as navmesh example, there must have been some thing been corrupted.

Some security mode would be better, for example don’t stop the game when nodes are not correct, as fallback stop the nodes to work, but keep everything else running.