Deploying to 3ds

I see that armory can deploy to the Nintendo switch. Would it be possible to use armory for developing games for 3ds? I just signed up for Nintendo developer portal and would like to use armory as my developing platform rather than unity.

It is possible for Xbox.
Perhaps someone already made it possible for Switch and 3DS.

Yes someone has already made it possible for the switch, it’s on the list of compatible platforms. My question though is specifically about 3ds. Would that be possible to deploy to?

It should be possible for 3DS.
Wait a little, someone will respond, it’s holidays with less people on the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve never seen anything that says 3DS export is available, so I don’t think it is ported yet. Armory is based on Kha, and you can see all of the targets here. Kha can be ported to nearly anything so it shouldn’t be a problem to do eventually, even if it hasn’t been done yet.

@RobDangerous this is a question for you.

I don’t have a 3DS devkit. If somebody wants to help out with it (you can register for free at and look up the prices), I can certainly port Kha - Armory is a different story though because 3DS does not support fragment shaders, @lubos would have to create a special renderer just for that.

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Hmmm. That sounds like a lot of work. Making a special render engine and all. I see that a supported target is Unity. If I were to say, export to Unity, clean up the resulting project and then deploy to 3ds from there that could work right?

That won’t help. The reason it would require a new renderer is, as I said, 3DS’ lack of fragment shader support. Unity can’t magically get around that either. You’re probably in for a lot of nasty surprises with Unity’s 3DS support in any case, get your hands on that thing and do some tests before you make any decisions on what to use. Also, it only supports “new 3DS” if I remember correctly.

I guess I wasn’t clear. The question is for the 3ds line. That includes the N3ds. Unity is what you use to make games for that system.

I’m confused, what makes you think I wasn’t talking about 3DS?

I mainly want to develop for the latest platform. That’s the one that will be around the longest. It seems redundant to say “New 3ds” so I just said 3ds because that’s the name of the line of products. Kind of like saying iPhone instead of having to say iPhone 8 just so people know you’re talking about the newest one.
Anyway it’s a moot point because Unity supports both 3ds and N3ds. Maybe they use a different shading system for that but 3ds is a target platform. So I’m wondering how armory ports to Unity. Are you saying that it won’t use Unity’s engine when it’s deployed? That wouldn’t make sense if so.

Googling it brought up and that’s the latest thing I found from Unity directly. It’s kind of relevant because people don’t buy new 3DSs every two years like they do iPhones. New 3DS numbers by themselves don’t look too hot, it’s more like only supporting PS4 Pro.
Anyways, to avoid further misunderstandings, please just look up how it works:
And as I said before, please get Unity for 3DS and a 3DS devkit and see for yourself what it can do before you make any decisions. It’s much more restrictive than Unity normally is and I’m not sure you’ll manage to do any 3Dish projects with that at all…