Desperate for some sound help

I have to hand in my ‘game’ soon (Wednesday) for a project and whilst that’s my fault due to laziness, I am having massive issue with sounds.

Sound would only play for a couple seconds and the speakers are freezing my games etc. If possible could someone just tell me step by step what they did to add sound as well as types of files (currently using .WAV) I would immensely appreciate any support from you guys.

Thanks again and sorry for sounding like a broken record.

Sorry can not get it to work either. Sound and Speaker stop after a couple seconds, and the sound is lower pitched. Also used the instructions by Lubos for adding a sound file to Blender. Same happens with sound example, so it is most likely a bug.

ok, thanks for testing it all, im going to add a bug report

Found the fix now, sorry if it’s too late. :cry: Continues at

Thank you so much! i managed to get a week extension so i really appreciate the fix. On GitHub you said that you had released the patch, can i just use the auto updater or do i need to download the krom exe and put it in the foldeer like you said?

Armory Updater will not handle binaries yet:/. I think the safest way is to clone the latest armsdk from GitHub as described at This should also be easy, but the cloning can take 10-15min.

Ok thanks, I did this and the sound seems to work fine now but I have found that changing speaker volume seems to do nothing to the sound when playing, even when volume is set to 0. Also, is there a way to change normal sounds (when not using a speaker) within armory?