Differents on runtimes

i getting started from Jayanam’s tutor

when project runned with krom then browser
this code

		notifyOnUpdate(function() {
			var mouse = iron.system.Input.getMouse();
			object.transform.rotate(Vec4.zAxis(), mouse.movementX * 0.003);

cube rotated in browser with normal speed like at video
and in 5-6 times slowly in krom

what would be cause?

I’m new as well, but I noticed that krom is excessively slow, i.e. noticeable frameskip. Maybe try full compile for native?

if krom has slow framerate it must not influence at rotate
becose mouse coord multiply with constant
it may influence at rotating smoothly only

engine must give similar results at different platforms
and with 10fps and with 60fps rotate on 10grad must be equal
just with 10fps it will be laggy

if this dont follow then it bring problem with speed of app work on diff platforms