Diving and swimming

Is it actually possible to dive and swim with logic nodes in a custom sea ?

Don’t see why you couldn’t use normal controls with specific animations to accomplish this.

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Well, i did not try to achieve this yet, but i will … I ask just to know if someone has already try.

that reminds me that i have a scene example for you about sprite sheet. I think you said that you didn’t sucess to reproduce smoke example … and i have a torch scene if you want for your tutorials …

That would be awesome. Send it on over.

OK, i will test it to be sure it’s still working and send you the scene :slight_smile:torch.RTGI.003.blend (1.0 MB)
It seems to still working. tell me if it dosen’t. i made the sprite sheet using sprtie fu script for gimp with gimp 2.10 https://gimper.net/resources/sprite-sheet-animation-tiles.633/ It runs at 40 fps with rtgi on, on my gtx 1070ti.

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I forgot, blending has to be on in render path, and blending has to be checked in plane material. It seems lubos is working on this issue https://github.com/armory3d/armory/issues/624. so may be emissive slot will work in next armory update to have glowing effect around the flame :slight_smile:

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