Do Timer and On Timer nodes depend on framerate?

Can i use this nodes for processes that need to be constant or are they affected by framerate?
Are they accurate even with extremely short delays (like 0.01 or under)?

As for Framerate dependency, I don’t think it’s an issue (unless your delay is very close to the minimum), since both nodes use the time difference between frames. Thus they will automatically adjust to the current framerate.

You will most likely run into issues with such short delays.
This is because the timing logic of both nodes is run once every frame. If you have a framerate of 60 fps, this means that the nodes are run every 16,6 ms or with a delay of 0,016 s. Thus using a delay shorter than that will most likely make the nodes fire each frame, in which case you could just use the “on update” node.
If you were to use a higher framerate you could achieve shorter delays though. If you were using 144 fps the delay between two frames would be 6.94 ms or 0.00694 s.


Thanks for your answer

My understanding is that this is a typical example of the “not less than” rule.

The events will occur at an interval “not less than” the specified rate, but the actual interval between any two events is unpredictable.

Unlike “on Update” events, you know that the events will not occur “sooner than necessary,” which is actually a good thing, but they will involve an event-to-event latency that you cannot predict. You need to strobe the absolute [hardware …] timer to determine exactly how much time has passed “this time.”

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