Does anyone actually have a problem with the direction Armory is going?

I just want to know if ANYONE on these forums has a general problem with the direction Armory is going? I haven’t heard anyone yet and I certainly have nothing but love for it at this point in time. Anyone have any issues besides bugs?

Well. Now that you ask…

When you are designing a game, you need some things.
You need functional character animation. (I like the latest builds are adressing this)
You need functional user interface. You know, to make game menus, lifebars and inventories, and behaviours entering and exiting the game.
And you need some basic Ai. You know, just to make simple minions, to find the player and go attack him.

So lets wait some weeks…let’s go to the news page… and let’s see how well Armory has implemented… a new illumination trick instead all of the previous.

Just my two cents.

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Good topic! Putting more efforts there, will be developed together with fps game prototype.

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