Does playing actions still work in 0.6?

I was able to create actions and have them play back properly in Armory 0.5 / Blender 2.79.

When I try the same thing in 0.6, the animations don’t seem to play back at all. I’ve checked that the node tree is attached to an object, but even in the most basic test nothing seems to happen.

I just want to check that I’m not missing something silly before posting a bug. Are animations working in your v0.6 project? If you download the test file below, does it work for you, or can you see anything wrong with it?

action-test.blend (675.5 KB)

People over [at this post] seemed to be having problems with the Play Action node, too, although it mainly seems to be on v0.5…

Sorry it’s an issue introduced with b28 transition, basically if you inspect the node values you should see some (unremovable) white space there which is then causing trouble when exporting, fix incoming!



No need to apologize, @lubos! I actually just wanted to help by going through and testing a bunch of stuff in 0.6 and posting any bugs I can reproduce and show with simple blend files.

I’m just new enough to Armory though that I needed check here if it actually is a bug, and avoid spamming up the issue tracker!

I’m just grateful for all the hard work you’ve put into Armory and trying to help out. I’ll move on to testing something else. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

By the way, if it won’t take more than a minute or so, could you link to the issue, so I can follow it? Thanks!


It’s a huge help so big thanks for the testing! Latest issue caused by this whitespace thing (it’s affecting multiple nodes) is at:

Will make sure to post there asap when the patch is out. :stuck_out_tongue: