Download scene on demand (html5)


Is it possible to implement on-demand loading for the html5 with means of armory? For example, when you click on the “play” button.
This will reduce the load on the servers where the scenes are located.
This method is implemented on the sketchfab.

Now the scene loads the scene without a request, and this is not fast.

It can be cut with HTML layout (for example with ajax), but can it be somehow simplified?

In the render tab there is a “Stream Scene” option that will cause the data for scenes to be streamed as they are needed ( as far as I understand ). If you make the initial scene just a screen with a play button on it, then you switch scene to the game scene when it is clicked, I think that Scene Streaming will make sure that loading the game scene is not attempted until you click play.


The modding section won’t be there. The Stream Scene checkbox is under “Flags”.

I’m not actually sure if this works or not. Tell me if you try it! :smile:

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Probably, I’m something wrong, but it did not help.