Editing Canvas on Linux - Ubuntu 16.04

Hello Everyone,

I just downloaded the latest Armory_05b_linux64_b27.7z. After creating a new canvas, I cannot enter any text. I can add whatever kind of control, but I cannot edit the text for the control. It doesn’t respond to any input from the keyboard.

Everything else seems to work - I can build and run a simple scene in Krom, C++ or browser - add scripts via haxe or logic nodes, but cannot edit the canvas.

Any ideas?

That is an issue that a least a few users have run into. You can give it a :+1: on GitHub.

It seems to be working just fine in windows with the newest version. There were some major issues a couple months back.

It is only an issue on Linux and maybe only with Krom as well.

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using wine, wine tricks or Cross Over
may help, tho dx11 is experimental, everything but performance should be the same.