Embed Logic Nodes on the Web

Finally got this to somewhat usable state - we can now embed Armory logic nodes online! The goal is to put live logic node examples straight into documentation and improve the learning experience. A little example on that:

As of now to create embed codes you have to use this little monstrosity linked below. (Eventually we can enable this straight from Blender.) Pressing Ctrl + C in the editor will copy logic tree URL into the clipboard.

Once you have the URL, you can see an embed example here:

The player is a ‘full’ Armory engine compiled into a 459KB .js file. It receives the embed code from url and then builds the logic tree at runtime. Project sources:

It’s also easy to paste logic node snippets online. :stuck_out_tongue:


That is incredible! An amazing example. :smiley:

That gets closer to what I’ve thought about doing with logic nodes in one of my posts. With some work and, if somebody had the time, you could mod anything with logic nodes in the browser! Great job. :+1:


That really cool! This will take learning to next level!:sunglasses:

BTW for value input, Sliders should be replace with TextBox, becasue with slider you can set negative or more than 1 value.


That’s awesome! It would be good for new comers.


Great feature! Of course will help a lot! Congrats, i never seen something like this!


This is super cool FYI it just a black box on Safari but does work in Firefox on the Mac (I don’t have Chrome installed at the moment)

Appears to be a shader version issue?

[Error] WebGL: ERROR: unsupported shader version
compileShader (kha.js:1:371131)
compile (kha.js:1:369757)
initShaders (kha.js:1:341504)
Ca (kha.js:1:341052)
Oa (kha.js:1:354723)
ho (kha.js:1:407347)
loadFinished (kha.js:1:287573)
init2 (kha.js:1:284531)
initSecondStep (kha.js:1:281769)
init (kha.js:1:281726)
start (kha.js:1:280540)
(anonymous function) (kha.js:1:126932)
main (kha.js:1:127336)
main (kha.js:1:1754)
(anonymous function) (kha.js:1:467527)
Global Code (kha.js:1:467530)