Engine ARMORY not available

I developed my game in Armory_05_mac_b28 which was full of glitches (lots of bugs in logic nodes, noise while debugging, invisible variable values while debugging in Kode Studio and many others). While using non-up-to-date version of Armory 3D I managed to download the most stable for my platform: Armory_06beta_mac.

But when I opened my blend-project in Armory_06beta_mac this error message appeared: “Engine ‘ARMORY’ not available for scene ‘Scene’ (an add-on may need to be installed or enabled)”. I double-checked the plugin setup according to the documentation and everything should be fine.

The question is how you folks work with the Armory_06beta_mac and what’s happening with the engine? I didn’t found the same questions here so I wonder if somebody’s using this engine for the game development.

I don’t think that there is such a thing as an Armory render mode anymore in Armory 0.6. Try opening up your game in Armory 0.5, switching the renderer to Cycles, and then re-opening the game with Armory 0.6.

Does this mean no more built in player? I’ve been waiting on the official release.

It isn’t in there at the moment, but it will be coming back.

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