Error involving any project

Using the latest released version of Armory, I can’t get any project to render. I keep getting this error:

ERROR: Linking fragment stage: Missing entry point: Each stage requires one entry point

May I have any help on this issue?

save your .blend first :wink:

It isn’t that. I just checked. The problem is that the file doesn’t play and it won’t even fail unless I change to a different task or change the Blender window from a maxumized state to anything else. So…ya…this is an issue. I would send the file but this is literally just a new file with a camera and a light in a scene.

I do not have that issue…

What is your OS and your hardware? Works on both my machines without any issues (both using windows 10), one is a Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 16 with the following specs: Intel® CoreTM i7 3.3Ghz, 512GB SSD, 16GB DDR3, NVIDIA® Quadro® M1000M graphics with 4GB GDDR5 VRAM

Also works fine on my gaming machine with the following specs: AMD Octacore Black 4.7Ghz, 2TB SSD, 16 GB DDR3, AMD FX 980 4GB GDDR5 VRAM

So if you open a ticket on git, you should specify your spec, could be GPU related?

I’ve been able to use this build before with this version of Armory but it was a while back. I’m running off of 64-bit Windows 7 on an FX-8350 processor with an R9 390 card.