Expand options to Cap Frame rates. And quick Test / Draft mode

Greetings all. Armory is still pretty new to me :smirk_cat: so when prototyping stuff I tend to hit the play button a lot. I’ve even beaten my best cow clicker score :scream_cat:. So while watching the debugger I can’t help but notice my portable getting loud, super hot, draining the heck out of my battery. So is it true ticking VSync with arm_rendertimer in below’s khafile, sets the frame rate to 60 fps /Hz?


Can we expand this?
arm_render_60fps, arm_render_30fps and arm_render_fps_custom=xx

Or make it selectable in real-time?

It also occurred to me as much as there are Presets for Low to Max quality render settings it be cool to differentiate a little more between the instant Play (debug) and Publish (prod) for the Armory Player section. Unless this is already present but needs further documenting?

Otherwise I don’t know if it should be a new button like Test (e.g. uat) with temporary Preset drop down. Or rather do something with special tick boxes under the Play button? Or go as far as Test appears if a custom test-khafile is detected in the project root… Just some food for thought. The goal is to have quick ways to try out stuff without tinkering with the build settings.

Ha, we should add a click counter to the play button. :grimacing:

Right now Armory Player will pick up the actively selected item in the Armory Render Path list. Which is not very obvious, I will try to fix this and perhaps expose a dedicated render path option directly in the Armory Player panel. More control over frame rate should be coming with armory 0.5 as well.

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