Exporting first time

So I built a pretty basic game and it’s one of the first games I’ve ever made. I was just trying to export to html 5 and I downloaded Armory in attempt to do so. I think I installed it correctly but I kind of don’t know what I’m doing. Anyways I go to export to html 5 and set up everything. Then it just pops up this error code - Traceback most recent call last with a bunch of other stuff I don’t understand. Can anyone help me?

Can you post the error codes/log you get? And is it with Armory 0.4 or 0.5?

try setting the clipping value under properties > the tiny camera tab > lens > clipping to 0.1.

I just downloaded it the other day so I don’t know which version it is

there’s a start and end clipping the start is at 0.1 and the end is at 100

my start is at 0.5, try that. Also make sure you’re on a normal perspective camera. You can check the version at the armory updater.

I got it to export but now it’s just showing a blank screen. Or part of the material zoomed in and nothing happens

the version is 14.0 . I’m not sure whats wrong

The original error seems to be caused by Armory Exporter - Icon set to something invalid (“fffffffffffff”). Will add a proper error message to prevent that.

Not sure about the back screen though. Is it the same when you click Armory Player - Play (F5) from inside the Blender? In Blender you can also hit Window - Toggle System Console for additional info.

yes I actually fixed the exporter icon and it exports the file now to an html folder with the other folders ext. but if I test the player it just has a blank screen or if I upload in online. I installed git and I updated the sdk but it doesn’t show the update status in the console like it says when I click update sdk. I just assumed it was updated after I clicked it

actually now I see it is updated to 0.5 in the toggle system console. I was unaware which console and I checked on the python console

It’s still a blank screen whether I hit play or export it

hey, try appending everything from this blend file to a new blend file, maybe this is da wae.
btw, for appending node stuff, you need to append node groups.