Exporting game to Android_Java

Will there support for exporting to Android Java?

I can’t find another way to put ads in the app.(adMob)


It depends on if Kha will add support for that. My guess would be no.

Perhaps this can help? http://www.dynadream.com/ddweb/index.php/Special_Blog?id=20

If you want to use admob service with Kha, this might be an option

I’m still not sure or haven’t use it yet.

There is also chartboost library by @lubos

Again, haven’t use it yet and not sure how to use it yet. @lubos any chance you will update this library ?

More libraries here

here is a way but just fixed banner or preroll interstitial zero code required


when it ask to Drag and Drop Library there is no librery for armory