[FEATURE REQUEST] Easy access to scripts

I recently tried to open up one of the scripts included with Armory that I used in order to do a project but I just couldn’t easily find the script and eventually found it by sheer luck. I would like to have it so that I could right click on the script that I applied for a particular character (for example) and then select an option that would allow a window to open up and show me that exact script so I can easily edit it because the current method of fumbling around with the Kha buttons and what not in order to find scripts is inefficient. Thank you for considering this request.

+1 to this.
If you’re just trying to find a bundled script to reference some code from, using the search function in the Armory GitHub works quite well, as the source code for all the traits and scripts is there.

I’m talking about being able to plug in preset scripts or premade or loaded scripts (I don’t know if that is implemented yet in such a way that it would allow people to have a library of scripts that they can keep in a folder and just import within blender to easily use but if it isn’t I’d like that as well) and being able to easily open them up to see them and edit them. Currently I see two main ways of coding currently and the one that involves actually putting down code is hard to be able to access and costs time that I would prefer not to spend as it stands now. The other is the node based system which is much easier to access and is really easy to tell how to do stuff. Simply add a trait (or other), select the trait, and go to the logic node system in the Node panel in Blender.

That is how I do it with nodes and it just flows naturally like the rest of Blender because in that same area I get access to the materials and world properties and compositing. I get that, due to the current design of Armory, we can’t just have scripting and coding be done in the Text Editor or something along the lines (at least I haven’t found out how yet) but a better solution then I’ve found thus far should exist if it doesn’t yet. If it does please tell me. Oh, and eventually it would be nice to just integrate it into the text editor in a format that would allow the text editor to act like a scripting and programming tool for Armory. Just throwing that out into the wild.