First Impressions & Suggestions

Well… first of all, I gotta say, is that I’m loving how things are going.
I’m no pro at user interface or anything, but I did have two thoughts that might be total garbage… so feel free to disregard.
1/ It would be nice to some how have all the Armory parameters in one place. Maybe it’s own parameters tab (if that’s even possible) Or it’s own pannel in the Tool Shelf? I don’t know. Is it possible to have an Armory Properties window, with all the sub categories, much like the current properties window… but just Armory specific? I guess my issue with how it is now, is having to dig around for anything named Armory, feels a little clunky.
2/ In the node logic window. I’m loving this place and will probably be spending a lot of time here. One thing I noticed is that when looking for a node and using Shift+A, some of the categories have a list long enough go off page or have the need to scoll to find things. I guess I’m wondering if it makes sense to have sub-categories to minimize this and to group nodes to help make sense of what they do, and to keep the lists shorter.

That’s all…just thinking out loud.
Keep up the great work.

  1. It would not make sense to have a single location for armory specific parameters simply because armory is integrated into all aspects of blender. For example, blenders physics panel settings are also used for armory so why would it need to be renamed or removed from its default location. It makes sense in my opinion that armory render settings are in blenders render settings, object settings are with blenders object settings, physics ect theres no digging involved unless you are not used to blender in general.

  2. I agree that it can be organized a bit better, overall I think to solve this and allow even more nodes an intuitive pie menu would be awesome. I might draw up a concept and post/send on github to get opinions.


Hi Breebee,
Thanks for your response.
Yeah… I totally see your point on number 1. Sometimes crazy ideas are worth putting out there if only to be shot down.
Can’t wait to see your concept for the pie menu.

Figure I’d jump on this trail.
In AddOns Armory Advanced I would like to specify which web browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc) to launch. Safari doesn’t play well with Armory on Mac. I would like to keep safari as my default web browser if possible.