Foliage in armory

I was thinking about a tool that would help to make game more alive. Simmiliar to a unreal engine “simple grass wind”. I wish to learn armory myself and I try do it myself, but I need to someone push in the right direction with this little addon.

I think the only example on foliage with wind is the celshading template as of now. The grass patches there are using instancing, and a custom material which displaces grass vertices in a vertex shader.

(needs 0.6beta, to download use git clone --recursive)

Let me know about the particular thing you are interested in and I could try to explain further. This is a bit low-level solution, will eventually add more options there.


I seem to have a problem getting this scene working correctly, it points the following error:

Tried it in beta 0.6.


I have the same error

Did you clone using git clone --recursive ? The example links to the celshade rendering driver as a submodule - you should have a Libraries/driver_celshade folder present in cloned project.

(Sorry this example is a bit more involved on git.)

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