FPS Node Setup Won't Do Vertical Mouse Aiming Correctly

These are the nodes dealing with vertical mouse look. Those float values are nabbed from the first person script given by the engine dev. If anyone could point out the problem I would be very very happy. Thank you to anyone who helps.

Could you please elaborate on what you mean by “not correct”?

Is the movement in X and Y with different speeds? Or no movement at all in one of the axes.

Well the vertical mouse aim doesn’t work if I set the float values to 90 and 35 respectively and with the current float values there are no limits so essentially the camera does back flips if you look to far up. The problem is the limits. It either has no limits or completely removes vertical mouse aiming.

Okay so after doing some messing about the vertical mouse aim has failed completely and now no matter what it doesn’t wanna work in the slightest.

Side Note:
Lighting has been broken for the entire project and no matter what I do I cannot light the floor but in good news Suzanne does have lighting.

I’m not sure if I’m right or not,but I made it work with strange way that using different rotating methods,you just can’t use a pair of Rotate Object at the same time.
The following works.

Thank you i will try this. Now to the next challenge. Getting lighting to work.

Hello dear friends,
i made a very simple node tree for mouse aiming. You must set Camera to Parent Object(Cube).

edit: bit simpler

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