Game test and performance

Armory needs a game test, like Godot third person game demo.
I don’t mean a game looking good or with good design, but a game with complex objects and effects to render that will ask more gpu power to render than actual templates.

This is useful to stress test Armory performance and check each new update if performance changed and some optimization must be worked on.

I have a good 3D card, disabling motion blurr, Voxels, the third person template is not running great on a 1024 * 768 window. It should run 60fps, it’s a too simplistic level.

Armory focus too much on making the best graphics, while it should focus on good enough graphics with best performance for games first.

We don’t have details , i don’t believe you’ll get a super boost.
There is many areas you can optimize : culling, hlod , multi threaded navmesh, fast capsule shadows , stable forward ++ renderer , multi threaded entity code system…

Well … i hope Armory will make some progress at least on the graphics first, perhaps Voxel system running lot better or real time and smooth like CryEngine voxels.