Getting an Error. Please someone help

Hi, I’m new to this program and just created this account so I don’t know the proper place to post this. So anyway, I need help. I’m following the “Playground” tutorial for Armory in Blender. I add the whole scenery and I add an empty like it asks in the tutorial. I copy the code I need for it to make it spawn blocks. Blender will close altogether when I open “Kode Studio” out of nowhere while also closing Kode Studio. I reopen Blender and finished adding the code and I try running the game and I look in the console. It loads very few things before getting an error. I provided a pic of my console below. Like I said, I’m new so I hope the picture was added properly. But anyway, I have fixed it before by deleting all of the files and extracting a fresh new copy of this armory engine thing but get the same thing before I finish the playground. It usually happens when I open the Kode studio I’m pretty sure. What’s going on?

It has randomly deleted files also within this program out of nowhere but that’s probably something else. It could be my virus software in that case. I really want to use this thing but problem after problem keeps happening. Even one of my textures randomly got deleted or just removed off of the object. I’m getting so frustrated. Is there anything I’m missing or is my PC not able to use it?

That reminds me. My PC is a Windows 10 with an NVIDIA GTX 720 graphics card. That’s like it for what I remember for my specs. If you guys need more info or more specs, tell me. I’ll figure out more of my specs.

Try coding in visual code studio
Kode studio often has some bugs I have faced them more than often
Hope this works

Suggestion: get more ram… This happens often. and try running in HTML mode…

There’s a permission error message in the build process so it seems to be unrelated to Kode Studio and Krom and whatnot. Could indeed be some antivirus program going crazy.

You need to re-install the antivirus how to disable mcafee on your device. it might fix your error you facing. Even I had the same issue and it was resolved with the help of this forum.