Go to parent node tree

On the right side of the logic node editor we have those icons
image and when you fly over the first one we see “Go to parent node tree”

Have you already used that and how ?

Weird. That makes it sound like node trees can be nested… but is that accurate? If so, as you ask, what would you use it for? I mean, I’m sure there would be uses… but what?

You can use this button in a cycles node tree, or rather any node tree that allows node groups (unfortunately you cannot group nodes in the logic node editor).
Create some nodes, group them and “enter” that group. You can then use this button to get out of this group (go back to the groups parent). You could also just use tab but I think as soon as you nest multiple groups it might be handy to have a button which only goes “up”.
I don’t know whether there is any other use for this button though.

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