Haxe - Find if RigidBody is moving, and if it is colliding


I’m trying to create a 3D platformer prototype using a cube with a rigid body as the “player character”. I want to prevent the cube from jumping while it is in mid-air.

How can I find if a rigid body is moving (I tried using GetLinearVelocity.Z but it is never zero, even when the cube is stopped)?

Alternatively, how can I check if the rigid body is currently colliding with stuff?


Hi guys, any ideas on how to achieve this?

Try looking at examples code.
You can check speed with maths (distance moved/time unit)

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You can try to use getContacts(); to check if it colliding with an rigidbody.

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I struggled a lot too, altho, I found out that if you put a small cube that’s under your character and it’s not touching it and set it to trigger mode and then change dynamic collision to static collision, on the nodes, send a ray from inside your character to the ground and check if its not the cube, the output result should be as a bool, going thru an IsTrue/IsFalse (Based on your object checking method). after that output, the last logic node and connect it to a set velocity.

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Thank you guys for your replies, now I’ll be able to do it! :slight_smile:

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