Headless build of armory project

Hi all!

Is there some simple way to build all Armory project headless?
i.e. I set up Jenkins job, it pulls all project from git, runs something
and uploads build result? This might be good for testing and building
in solid environment. I think some python script which pushes “Build” button after selecting
appropriate preset would be great. So something like blender root.blend -P build.py


I was doing some experiments with this a few weeks ago. Here is what I did on my linux webserver:
Create a file named armbuilder.py:

import bpy;

Create a shell script that is called whenever the build files update (I called it armbuilder):

~/Armory/armory-linux/blender ~/Armory/mygame.blend --background --python ~/Armory/armbuilder.py

Calling the armbuilder script will build the game, using whichever preset you have currently selected in the exporter settings.

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Thanks a lot! Need to experiment on this to do some advanced solution…