Hi few questions

I 'm planning to create a boat/ship simulator.
but i was wondering about this questions:
1 when you have 1 building (house, tower, bridge) and you want to use it a lot , can you create something like autogenerate for scenes , like in eg flightsimulator, so you do not need lots of memory:wink:
2 is it wise to create and test in blender with an animation of one scene/tile and can you convert it easely to Armory?

Thx for your time,


  1. Yes, Armory has support for instanced duplication which you can create with linked copies in blender and you could also use Armory’s scene streaming feature that will load/unload objects outside of the view distance as you move through the world.
  2. Yes, because Armory games are blends just like any other Blender scene, you can extremely easily get any Blender objects into an Armory game.


just 1 more question:
with world streaming: do you need to place all scenes in one common scene, or is it working with tiles (different scenes to load as eg levels, chunks1, chunk2,…)?

With scene streaming, everything in one scene is streamed. There are no tiles, but it could be possible to programmatically build the scene out of tiles if that was desired. You could spawn those different chunk scenes into the current scene, and I think armory would then stream the objects in the current scene, but I’m not 100% sure how it works exactly.