How to add haxelib libraries

Hi, would like to use the haxe-concurrent library in an Armory application.

What would be the clean way to integrate 3rd party libraries?
Tried to dig through the handling of the libraries in armsdk\lib (like haxebullet). But there seems to be library registration code all over the place, not sure whether I really have to add something at all these locations (scripts/addonds/, armsdk/armory/blender/addon/, armsdk/armory/blender/arm/ etc.)

My current workaround to get it working quickly was to copy the package “hx” folder to armsdk/Kha/Tools/haxe/std - which seems to work on first sight but is presumably not the way to go… :slight_smile:

Just finished updating the tutorial series thread with a new tutorial on exactly this subject. Hopefully this gets you sorted. Note some odd intellisense style bugs in Kode Studio, I don’t know why.


whoho, thanks a lot! Exactly what I was looking for!
These tutorials look great, much appreciated!

I got tripped up by the last part of this tutorial, so in case anyone else is in the same boat, you can find the “Modules” section under Properties > Render > Armory Project.