How to compile an Armory game after installing the Armory addon?

I downloaded Blender 2.79b in a freshly-installed Ubuntu 16.04 and followed the instructions given here to install the Armory addon in Blender. When I click on Play
I get the following errors:

My guess is that Armory is looking for some dependencies to be able to compile the game but I don’t know what those dependencies are (sorry I’m pretty new to Armory). Can someone tell me what I need to do to be able to compile my games? Note that in the future, I am going to compile my games in the background (I won’t be able to use a GUI on our servers). So it would be great if you can take that into consideration when responding.

try c++ compilation, might be nodejs is needed for krom.

What do you mean by trying the C++ compilation? I am pretty new to Armory and don’t know how to compile it. Could you provide me some instructions on how I can do the C++ compilation?

Under Armory Player select C++. (Info/Properties -> Armory Player -> Runtime, change from krom to C++)



@Liverwurst The reason that I could not do the Krom compilation was that I was missing some files in the SDK path. Now I can easily compile the game.

Cool, good to hear! Should be helpful for others with the problem.