How to rebuild ammo.js for armory?

I installed the Python, Emscripten SDK, cmake, sources ammo.js ( and run, but the ammo.js file appearing after the building, does not work correctly in the armory.

How to full rebuild the haxebullet?

I don’t think there are any instructions out there for this yet. Just in the last week, Lubos has updated the Haxebullet bindings. As far as I can tell they are now based on the webidl description of the API and I think the Haxe bindings are generated by the code in this folder. There isn’t a .hxml file that I can see so I don’t know how to run the generator, though.

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There should not be anything special regarding the ammo.js. What is not working? Any error messages?

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Ammo.js should just be a file in a javascript format. My understanding is Armory is not generating it everytime, but just dynamic binding through haxebullet.

For the haxebullet and ammo.js update, following is a small guide I contributed previously (but seem not officially publish yet)

One possible case (I encountered as did not realize) is that after haxebullet and ammo.js update, it is best to clean the project to see the effect.

One other important fact, ammo.js did not implement all of APIs of bullet. The most recent updated of ammo.js in Armory is base on last month’s master branch. So there maybe some differences by now.