How to throw a soft body around


I would like to have create an interaction with a soft body, so that the user can pick up a soft body (at a vertex?!) and move it around with his mouse. I thought a good first step would be to figure out a way to animate individual (different) vertices of a soft body.
I tried that through Blender’s GUI with Soft Bodies and Cloths. I did not get very lucky with SoftBodies, however Cloths seem to be controllable with pinning enabled. Still, I am only able to control the position of the whole pinning vertex group - I can not move different vertices independently.

I also tried to dig a bit into doing it through coding and found the SoftBody class of native bullet has a ‘appendAnchor’ function (doc), but this seems to not be implemented yet in Armory/Haxe.

So… I’m pretty much out of ideas. Can anyone else think of a clever way of doing this?


So, these lines were commented out in armsdk\armory\blender\arm\

I removed the comments and now hooks are working perfectly on soft bodies :).

Is there a reason they are commented out? Do I have to expect problems?

JFYI, I’m working on something and I will commit it after some more tests show that its working properly: