How to use trace() while play in Krom in windows?

Hello @lubos & all,

In Windows, when I place a “trace(…)” in HAXE code, there is no output in windows console when using Krom to run the game. The trace message shows up in console when play in viewport, but due to a known bug the message is incomplete with blanks inserted.

there is no such problem In Linux, and I am not sure if this is a bug or system limitation of windows, so I ask here first: How to correctly show the trace message in Windows when play in Krom?

Hey checked my old bug report, seems this actually worked before:

It didn’t work now either using print node or trace in HAXE. So this definitely is a new introduced bug. I’ve added an issue to Github.

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Waiting too for this bug !

( if it can help too here Trace several data during execution of nodes in the Viewport )