I need more control on "Action" frame position, with Logic Nodes (or Haxe)

I need a way to control at what frame an action is.
There are nodes that control speed, play, pause, resume, but I saw nothing to control frame position. Did I miss something ?

In actual case, I baked the location of a rabbit along time on a closed loop track. It gives me an Action.
At playtime, the action is playing, so the rabbit is moving. The player has to follow this rabbit, but when he loose it (too far, or sticked in the environnement), I need to put the Action at a certain frame, to place the rabbit at start or other arbitrary position on the track.


I got it ! The sort of dirty hack I like :slight_smile:
The trick is to play with the speed of the action. Say you are on position 60 and want to reach the position 40, let set the speed to -20, et voilà ! Then reset the speed to 1 when target is reached.
I join a blend exemple : Action_control.blend (741.5 KB)
Have a nice day,